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It is in the essence of sports, that we love what we do. Enabling spectators and fans worldwide to experience the emotions, hardship and joy of the athletes. Creating a stage for brands to truly connect with fans, building momentum, enhancing experiences, and growing value at the same time.


Our passion is to stay close to the true nature of the sport that fits you, your brand, your fans, and your customers. It is there and then that we can realize true value to all. That’s what we love to do; with you, and for you.


We will find the market value of the sport, a club, a team, or an athlete involved, and convert that to the right value for you, based on the natural fit with the entity, and starting with your objectives in mind.


We’ll create with you the marketing strategy for your partnership, from the uniquely and differentiating positioning of the partnership, to achieving brand and sales goals. You will get your unique concept and program, supported by operational excellence, tested, and evaluated.


nationalities we’ve worked with


global finals organized, on 3 continents


countries we’ve operated in


future football stars we’ve met to-date

…and we will get back to you from our offices based in the Amsterdam-area (The Netherlands).

our purpose

To get you great results, giving you the inside scoop and a great playbook, performed by a team of dedicated players. To get the crowd out of their seats for your brand, while staying true to, and adding value to the essence of sports: enjoying fun together by being in the moment of a physical and mental journey, creating experiences and strengthening character.

how we work

We put your interests first, and are transparent about ours. We focus on being successful and making an impact while having fun together. We work hard, and are clever about it. We will make things work, understanding all the cultures and perspectives of anyone we work with. It’s about doing the right thing, always.

unique moments

Combining people with places, media with moments, values with attitudes, and storytelling with interacting with your audience, is what creates the memorable moments and experiences you will not forget, nor your audience. It’s in people that unique moments are created. And we will give you our extra mile to get there, and beyond.

featured work

Maximizing online visibility and interaction, using offline moments with people as the base for true, authentic messaging, that’s a big part of today’s world. Using ambassadors and influencers, creating authentic brand stories, interacting with fans, creating impact, building value. We feel that’s what it is all about.

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Brandon Moore

The Essence of Sport

Sports are played for the enjoyment of competition, the test and betterment of skills, and the thrills of victory. The point of sport is not to simply win but, to win fairly and on equal terms. To enjoy the competition of it and to be victorious on equal ground. To reveal our weaknesses as competitors, and to improve on them. True sportsmen embrace the process of learning, improving, and engaging in a fair fight to understand where they lack as a competitor and how to get better.

Your question answered

Just to get acquainted, or to get a feel for what we can do for you, drop us a note with a specific question on specific insights in one of the domains we work in, and we’ll give you some insights, free of charge. We love to get to know you.

about us

Here at ISM, we have laughed, cried, sweat tears, and enjoyed success with our clients while working in Football (yes, soccer, for the Americans amongst you), Cycling, Sailing, as well as American Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Field hockey and Cricket.