What we can do for you - ISMarketing
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What we can do for you

We are happy to offer you the following services:

Researching market values in your field of interest

Calculating the value fitting your objectives, brand and audience

Creating the right strategy, concept and program that will work for you

Supporting you with having a transparent contract and measuring outcomes

  • Valuation

    We will find the market value of the sport, a club, a team, or an athlete involved, and ...

  • Natural Fit

    ... convert that to the right value for you, based on the natural fit with the entity, and starting with your objectives in mind.

  • Positioning

    We will position your partnership and create the marketing strategy to achieve your brand and sales goals.

  • Concept Creation

    Then we will get you your unique concept and/or program…

  • Execution

    … supported by operational excellence, tested, and evaluated…

  • Transparency

    … based upon clear contracts with the selected partners that fit your objectives and DNA.