A partnership with ISMarketing: achieving brand and sales goals
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Some of our work

We will get the market value of the sport, a club, a team, or an athlete involved, and convert that to the right value for you, based on the natural fit with your brand, starting with your objectives in mind.

Next, we’ll create with you the marketing strategy for your partnership, from the uniquely and differentiating positioning of the partnership, to achieving brand and sales goals. You will get your unique concept and/or program, supported by operational excellence, tested, and evaluated.

Positioning & Strategic Marketing TCA

For the Municipality of Almere the positioning of the newly build Topsports Centre Almere and consulting on the strategic marketing to attract both sponsors, associations to host their Finals, and attract spectators accordingly.

Gemeente Almere. Fall 2007

Rebel & Tour de France Rotterdam 2010

Activating for Rebel the start of the Tour de France 2010 in Rotterdam through tailor made business relation event at its HQ, combined with participating as a Rebel team in the amateur tour together with Skill Shimano.

Rebel Rotterdam. July 1-4, 2010